Bodywork and Massage


Shamanic Bodywork- $120 per session (2-3 hours)

This powerful work, based on my training in Temple Lomi Lomi and enhanced with additional breath, energy work and vocalizing, is focused on reconnecting and making peace with your body. Traumatic events, objectification, body shaming, physical or sexual abuse, or simply our social conditioning can leave us dissociated from our physical body, or even at war with it, considering it as little more than a vehicle for carrying our head around. Yet our entire body is deeply integrated with our psyche and our experience of life. Our health, moods, overall happiness, and much of our innate wisdom is dependent on our relationship with our body and our ability to meet our experience of life fully embodied. This work, coming from a place of deep vulnerability, in a powerful space of safety, allows and encourages you to fully experience your body, the energy, and experiences that continually move through it. Specific vocalization helps to reconnect your body, and your choices about it, with your conscious awareness, and very specifically, with your voice. While a deeply enjoyable and sensory experience, it is about engaging your power and autonomy. Very frequently the body’s endogenous chemistry induces deeply altered states of consciousness, and occasionally restorative visions or lucid dreams. Allow 2-3 hours for the work. Do not plan anything immediately after your session, but allow yourself to process, or relax as you are called to. A full description of the session is provided when you inquire and before you decide to schedule. To read client comments about this work, click here.  To read a full description of the session, click here.


Holistic Massage- $90/90 minutes

I may use Swedish, Thai stretching and compression, trigger point and myofascial techniques while maintaining the flow and connection informed by my experience with Lomi Lomi, Esalen training and my extensive aquatic bodywork practice. This is performed with the table covered and with whatever amount of draping you prefer. If you express no preference, I will modestly drape the usual areas throughout the massage. I highly recommend 90 minute sessions. Be generous with yourself. Truly.



Other Embodied Services- Individual sessions $75/hour, group rates for 4 or more individuals $30/hour per person.


Breath Work

This powerful work helps release embodied emotions, and the remnants of trauma remaining in the body. Often this arises as we resist various experiences or emotions. We generally do this by holding or controlling our breath, often unconsciously, in the moment. Thus the unprocessed emotions and the energy that accompanies them become associated with our breathing muscles. This vigorous breath work triggers these trapped experiences and emotions allowing us to release and process them in a space of safety. This is powerful work and most unlike other breath experiences you may have experienced.


Sound Bowl Meditation

Often we pair this with the Breath work bringing the session to 90 minutes. This allows and encourages you to continue processing after the breath session. The different frequencies resonate with different energy centers in the body. Often you may experience sensations in specific parts of your body as they resonate with the specific frequencies of particular bowls. This serves as an energy ‘tune up’ for particular energy centers that need clearing and opening.


Ecstatic Dance

This joyful, freeing, intoxicating guided movement is not only vigorous exercise, but may induce altered states, free energy restrictions, and break free of limiting ideas and attitudes. The benefits extend far beyond the physical body and out into your life.

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