About this Work:

Your session encompasses...

  • Breath Work 

  • Energy Work

  • Vocalizing

  • Vulnerability

  • Anointing with oil

  • Powerful, deeply relaxing massage

  • Long fluid over and under strokes

  • Intuitive flow

  • Invites Altered States of Consciousness


While this is a massage after the style of Temple Lomi Lomi and Esalen Massage, it is first and foremost sacred ceremony.

Clients have a wide variety of experiences during this work and for individual clients, the experience varies considerably from one session to another.

Allow two and a half to three hours, though some sessions have lasted for as long as three hours and forty five minutes. You should expect to a lot of oil and embrace considerable vulnerability. I encourage you to read the full description of the work before arriving, though I will preview the your session for you on arrival.

What Clients Say About this Work​!

I wish my father hold me the way you hold me

Life changing

Opening me

Tremendous expansion

Discovery of myself

Protected, nourished, nurtured, loved, and deeply cared for


a powerful unconditional love that just kept standing there holding me. 

I really felt such love pouring into me that my heart cracked open.

I am worthy of love, I am beautiful.


brought me back within myself, to the age of 7 years old.


The trust, compassion and unconditional love I felt was overwhelming at times. 

If you are ready for a transformation


a place no bodywork has taken me before.

safe place to visit with one's soul.

time stood still.


experience unlike any other.

a dance of receptivity and assertiveness/strength. 


allowed me to physically let go of all shame and energies that served no good

deeper clarity about my own massage therapy work even after 20 years

excellent experience for my whole being


I am transformed

restored to myself

powerful, whole and expressed so well


lomi lomi is outpouring love

the deliciousness of the soft yet powerful touch

presence and intuition were enchanting

feel energy running through my body from head to toes


feeling cherished and honored

very safe and spoiled... pampered.

the only thing better is probably breastfeeding as a child!


let go, trust and surrender

creates and holds divine sacred space 

blessed to have such a strong, wise, beautiful soul


looking for meaning, connections and intimacy

hands touched my heart and sent shock waves throughout my body

surprised by the power of all of that

want to feel connected but am uncomfortable with intimacy and vulnerability.

I take people on journeys, using Breath Work, Traumatic Incident Reduction, Energy Work, and Shamanic Bodywork, to a place, often in the past, where they lost a piece of their soul. Then, they take it back. 

This work, based on my training in Hawaiian Temple LomiLomi, Breath Work and Trauma Resolution has been influenced by my own journey, is a delight to the senses and an opportunity for deep healing on many levels. Shamanic Bodywork helps to resolve embodied physiological triggers, soothe hyperactive Sympathetic Nervous System responses and treat dissociation to help reconnect individuals with their body and resolve lingering shame, guilt and animosity they may associate with their body as a result of prior traumatic events, particularly sexual trauma and early childhood abuse in various forms. Often clients experience powerfully healing altered states, created by their body's own endocrine chemistry acting upon the nervous system, and journey internally to resolve old traumas or reorder dysfunctional attitudes or beliefs. The work incorporates loving, nurturing massage techniques, and indeed Lomi Lomi means loving touch. It also incorporates energy work and awareness, focused breath work, and prayer. As a functional bridge between the energy work, breath and massage, I have incorporated toning or vocalization as well. Anticipate 2.5 hours or more, do not plan anything immediately afterward as you will want quiet time to process.

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