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Our Lives Are Not Our Own...


“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”

― Herman Melville


As we prepare to relocate to Costa Rica, I am acutely aware of the many connections I have: with individuals, both near and far, yet also with animals, our pets for example, and with places, our home, the familiar places in Miami Beach, and with inanimate objects. As we plan our move, we are having to decide what we will take and what we will leave as well as how we will remain connected.


I’ve heard various people speak about the net of light that surrounds the planet. But what is it really.


I’ve come to understand it as the network of relationships. It’s analogous, for me, to an energetic eco system, with climate and local weather patterns. Just as the climate and weather throughout the earth’s atmosphere and oceans is a network of thermal energy placed into motion, for better and for worse, by the infusion of external thermal energy from the light of the sun, so this ‘net of light’ or ‘net of consciousness’ represents waves and currents throughout the consciousness of the planet.


These waves are energized and driven by the infusion of additional consciousness into the system. We can posit this infusion as arising from the ‘awakening’ of the planet, or from access to a much greater source of ‘divine’ consciousness, much like the sun is a massive source of thermal energy compared to the earth.


Waves move continually though this ‘atmosphere’ of connections or relationships. There are amplitude waves based on the strength of connections and networks of connections and frequency waves based on the relative consciousness or unconsciousness of those areas of the network. Just as there are warm and cold fronts in the atmosphere and oceans. The frequency wave can also be described in terms of the intensity of light, consciousness being synonymous with illumination, revelation, and uncovering. Hence, ‘the net of light.’


The amplitude wave strength, or intensity of connection, can also be described as love. Not in the romantic sense, which is a quality rather than a measure of strength, and a quality which can actually inhibit or limit the strength of the connection. The intensity of the connection, or the amplitude wave or channel is along a continuum from transactional relationships to non-transactional relationships or from conditional to unconditional love.


Most all of our relationships are transactional to some extent or another. Yet many of these nonetheless have an unconditional carrier signal underlying the transactional aspect. It is the strength of this unconditional love that ultimately determines the amplitude of the relationship.

Healing: individual, collective and divine is carried via this connection on the frequency wave, or strength of consciousness, or light.


Thus the net of light has an eco system, a climate and, from day to day, local weather patterns. Just as weather patterns in the ocean and atmosphere result from uneven absorption of energy from an outside source, the sun, so too the local weather patterns, climate and eco system of the net of light, arise from uneven infusion of light, or its absence, within the web. This energy arises from outside space/time and so manifests as new energy when it enters the web. This creates weather patterns, including storms, as areas of greater energy or illumination interact with regions of low energy or darkness.


Yet the connections we make transcend geographical distance. They may shoot instantly from one point on the globe to another. They manifest, perhaps via quantum entanglement, maintaining a connection in the absence of spacial or even temporal proximity.


"Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future."

-Sonmi 451, Cloud Atlas


Likewise, these connections are not limited to our connections with other people.


We will need to re-home the sweet and amazingly conscious, little quaker parrot who has been my daily companion for nearly 6 years now. This has turned out to be the most emotionally challenging part of our move. The requirements for taking her with us into Costa Rica would almost certainly kill her. Yet, she is quite particular in her own relationships and rehoming her will not be a simple matter of finding someone who wants and will care for a bird. Our animal ‘familiars’ are not pets so much as spiritual partners who share a measure of our consciousness, feed, nourish and teach us.


We are working to rent our home, not merely to someone who will not damage it and is financially able to pay the rent, but more significantly, to someone who will appreciate, value and partake of the healing space we have invested so much of ourselves in.


Our large healing space in the back contains a rather tall plant that has thrived in that space for the past 10 years and which we just moved across the room to take advantage of the much higher ceiling on that end. In those ten years, the plant has bloomed only once. It was during the first Intimacy workshop I offered in that space. It is important to us that this plant continues to be cared for and loved. It would be ideal if the future occupants could appreciate her as we have.


It is an easy thing to thin our closets, though there are some items of clothing that have particular value, even if they are seldom worn or even if they don’t fit any longer. We will have no real difficulty parting with most of our furniture, though a few items are genuine works of art and will find a place in our new home, wherever it is.


Our healing room especially, is full of artifacts and sacred items, many will require special packing, some are quite heavy. They won’t all travel with us immediately, but all will eventually arrive at our new space and find their particular place in it.


We, and especially, I will miss not only my many Miami and Miami Beach friends, but the beach itself, south beach specifically, where I’ve spend to many days, so many mornings before sunrise, so many nights, sometimes watching a full orange moon rising out of the ocean. I’ll miss Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive, Espanola Way, the Venetian Causeway, South Pointe. But I will also take them with me, as we are connected, indelibly.


I am reassured and supported in this transition by many loving synchronicities. A dear friend from the Midwest who lived in Miami for years returned for a visit last week and we exchanged Lomi Lomi for an afternoon. A friend, former student and massage trading partner who had moved to the west coast and abruptly vanished 5 years ago reached out and reconnected from her new home in San Diego. Another friend and former client in Delaware I had not heard from, or even been able to reach, for over 12 years, emailed me as I was replying to the former student’s Facebook message. Their names are pronounced exactly the same and the spelling varies by a single letter! A dear, but long estranged friend of Teresa’s, reconnected last week in a beautiful, endearing and nourishing reunion.


The energetic quality of each relationship, the strength or intensity, the love, the consciousness and the extent to which that relationship feeds my own consciousness are unfolding for me, not as a function of disconnecting, or saying goodbye, but rather of strengthening and reaffirming those connections, even though distance and time will shift in relationship to each. Even though many of those places, things, creatures or people will be entrusted to the care of others once we relocate.


"All these places have their moments

Of lovers and friends I still can recall

Some are dead and some are living

In my life I loved them all"

-Beatles, In My Life






This is one of the topics we explore in the Intimacy, Connection Healing Series, a workshop for all those in the healing professions. Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Yogis, Counselors, Social Workers, Nurses, Breath workers, Energy workers and anyone with an interest in connecting more powerfully to heal.


We explore the powerful connection that sources healing and arises naturally in all healing work. Florida CEs for LTMs, LCSW, LMFT, & LMHC. New York CEs for LMTs.


Join me for my first workshop in Costa Rica, at Living Forest Retreat Center November 11-17


Follow this link for more information, cost, lodging, meal and transportation options!


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