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What Students Say About Our Classes:


“An amazing gathering of people and an amazing teacher. The experience enabled me to grow mentally and allowed me to physically let go of all shame and energies that served no good to myself or others attending. There was also a spiritual growth and a deeper connection to other inhabitants of earth from my end was gained. There will definitely be a following gained by those opened to Michael’s beautiful energy.”

-Andre, Student and LMT


 “Excellent course and instructor. Michael is very professional and clear regarding boundaries and ethical concerns, which is very important with this style of massage. The facility is fabulous, private, quiet, with everything available that could be required by course participants. I gained deeper clarity about my own massage therapy work even after 20 years as a practitioner. Michael has the ability to integrate and articulate theory from broad sources weave it together with the practical aspects of instruction. I highly recommend this instructor’s work.”

- LMT and experienced massage instructor


“Michael, the spirit of LomiLomi lives within your whole being. It’s felt, witnessed and heard. It’s an honor to have you as a teacher. The location is very nice and comfortable, all the equipment is perfect. The slide show on the TV was organized and informative. This was an excellent experience for my whole being. I feel like a new person after this whole experience. Lots of limitations shed and a whole new way of being filled in.” 

-Student Evaluation Comment


"Thank you so very much. I am transformed, by which I mean I simply feel I have been restored to myself. The darkness has lifted. The workshop was powerful, whole and expressed so well what I know to be the truth but had not yet fully articulated. You do a remarkable job of weaving all the pieces together and of holding us all with love and gentleness. I can't wait to work with you again!" 

-Jennifer, LMT


"The workshop was amazing and transformational, exceeding my expectations ~ which were fairly high to begin with.  It was without a doubt the best, most well organized and professionally presented 18 hours of training I've attended in the decade I've been practicing.  (And I've attended some great workshops over the years.) Three days for the physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually challenging and enlightening work were really not enough time (my only caveat).  This work ~ and the quality that you, as facilitator, bring to it (including the remarkably well thought out and written 111-page accompanying text) ~ could easily have gone on for another day or two.  Our hands-on time  will elevate my practice!  I've returned home eager to add our flowing dance strokes and stretching work to my own intuitive fusion work.  The weekend became a lovely. intimate, sacred, and nurturing time-away-from-time, as our small group of six sweet, courageous souls traded and learned, and traded and learned some more.  I am awed by the vulnerability and courage of our little band of healers." 

-Peter, LMT


"I don't think I've ever spent three consecutive days in such absence of judgment -- in a bottomless reservoir of honesty, support and loving feelings. Wow. It will take me a while, or forever, to metabolize it all.

What really worked for me was the balance between the hands-on work and the book work. The written part was so well-done, well-developed and thought-out, and supported by evidence-based research in an amazing variety of ways. I appreciate that even as I accept that some things are magically beyond measure and explanation. But I think all those elements come together in your course to create the strongest and most helpful experience. You're a born teacher." 

-Patty, LMT and Professional Journalist


"In all the years I've been practicing and taking trainings and workshops(and I've taken many) This was the best, most transformative, enlightening experience of them all. My only serious suggestion would be to extend it by another day or two- or even three. A Retreat! Michael you are such a powerful, intuitive, compassionate healer. Thank you for creating and holding this sacred space." 

-Student Course Evaluation Comment


"This was a workshop about so many aspects of our humanity....It was a multidimensional approach to our profession. I have gained clarity and courage. Sometimes others come to our lives as catalysts, and as messengers or reminders for what still remains blurry to us. I am very grateful for that to you specially and also to (each of my classmates). 

-Pelican, LMT

Steps and Planning​

  1. Register: Pay workshop registration $1,995... or a non-refundable deposit of $500

  2. Book flights: Arrive in SJO by morning the day before the workshop, Depart SJO after 1:00 pm the day after the workshop.

    1. Download ​​Transportation PDF (with ground transport options)

  3. Individually Complete the Online Questionnaire for each of you

  4. Read assigned and/or recommended readings before the workshop (PDF sent by e-mail upon registration.

  5. Participate in the Zoom Meetings online prior to the workshop

Transportation From Airports:

San Jose or Liberia

Bus, Shuttle, Rental Car, Taxi

(Recommend Coordinating with Other Students) Download PDF Click Here

Intimacy and Touch for Couples(July 13-20)$ 1,995/Couple


Lodging and Meals

You also get to explore local restaurants, we will go out for dinner four times during the retreat, these are not included in the package. (Meals are usually around US$ 15)

Registration, Cost and Travel Info


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