Trauma Basics

This class demystifies and destigmatizes what we call trauma. The formation of traumatic memory is a feature of our sympathetic nervous system, a feature, not a bug. In times of overwhelm, we are intended to defer memory consolidation until a safer time, a time when we are not in a struggle to survive. Traditionally, and often spontaneously, we do this ourselves in one manner or another. What we refer to as trauma is what remains when we do not.

This course includes an hour and 40 minutes of video, recorded live at the Barry University School of Social Work, as well as supplemental slides and material. The course provides a basic understanding Trauma and the impact of Traumatic Memory.

  • The prevalence of Trauma

  • Definition(s) of trauma

  • The Adverse Childhood Experiences study

  • The impact of trauma

  • How Memory(learning)is processed in the brain from experience(perception)

  • The parasympathetic vs the sympathetic nervous systems and their functions

  • How (and why) Traumatic memory is created

  • How traumatic memory is resolved

    • Spontaneously

    • Indigenous/traditional practices

    • Mental health approaches

    • Traumatic Incident Reduction

3 Hours

Date/time/location: Online

Cost: $12

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