Trauma Resolution Sessions-

The following services are $75/hour. Bear in mind that some sessions run longer than one hour, as we complete them to an end point.


Traumatic Incident Reduction Basic–

This addresses a known traumatic memorywith a current charge or interest to the viewer. It’s an untimed session that may run 45 minutes to 3 hours most often between 90 minutes and two hours. It goes until an end point or when the incident is no longer charged. Resolving the traumatic memory, completely processing it into conscious memory stops the flow of unwanted symptoms from that incident, freeing energy and capacity that was tied up in the active, triggered, unconscious, sensory emotional memory.


Traumatic Incident Reduction Thematic–

This addresses recurring and unwanted feelings, emotions, sensations, attitudes or pains(FESAPs). These almost always have their etiology in a largely or entirely forgotten traumatic incident, often, but not always, in early childhood. These too, are untimed sessions that run to an end point. We begin with a recent, or well remembered instance of the unwanted FESAP. We run a couple of repetitions and then follow the FESAP back to an earlier incident, this may happen once or several times until we arrive at the forgotten root incident. We take this to an end point and the FESAP ceases.



This technique can be run as an untimed session to an end point, but can also be broken into hour long sessions. It is used to get clarity surrounding confusing or difficult people, places, things, relationships or situationsin one’s life. The 20 questions act largely as a guided free association, exploring the unconscious material surrounding the item and allowing that material to be integrated with what is known such that fully conscious realizations, understandings or decisions can be formed with regard to it.


Wrong Indication Handling- 

a wrong indication can be powerfully disturbing. They undermine our sense of reality and what is true, particularly about ourselves. In many ways, a wrong indication is like gaslighting, but without necessarily any intent to harm. A wrong indication is given to you by someone in whom you have placed some authority or with whom you have an important relationship, so their opinion matters to you. If for example, on a Friday, you walk into an important meeting a couple minutes late and your boss snaps at you, “You’re always late! This has got to stop.” The truth is that you are almost always early. This is the first time in memory that you’ve been late. Still, it eats at you all weekend. You search your memory for how it might be true. You wonder if you’re that oblivious that you would not know. You don’t realize that your boss was under a lot of pressure and had an important, and antagonistic guest at the meeting. The comment had nothing to do with you! But wrong indications can have much more far reaching effects. They can give you long term doubts about your ability, your character, your desirability as a romantic partner. 


Unfinished Business-

To resolve a charge from a relationship where something is incomplete, such as bereavement or any difficult parting, or a relationship where communication is stopped or very difficult.


Withheld Communication- 

Some kinds of undelivered communications can have extremely negative consequences for the person withholding them. This process releases the tension accumulated by withholding.


Future TIR-

to reduce charge from any dreaded future event, likely or unlikely. Court appearance, divorce negotiation, anticipated death of a family member, pretty much anything the anticipation of which is occupying your mind or causing you distress.

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