Trauma Informed 

Trauma Specific Massage Therapy

Including Traumatic Incident Reduction and Breath Work

2 Workshops

Trauma informed- 

2 days/14 Hours

$ 695

Trauma Specific-

7 Days/42 Hours

Both Seven Days

42 Hours

Lodging plans included - See below


Only $ 1,495

About this Series:

Trauma Informed Care means holding an awareness of the impact and prevalence of Trauma, it's long term effects on health and the needs of Trauma survivors. It screens for and when necessary, refers clients to trauma specific interventions. Trauma Informed practitioners and organizations do not further traumatize individuals by their lack of understanding of trauma.


Trauma Specific Care does everything trauma informed care does, but further, offers effective, evidence based treatments that resolve traumatic memory and reduce or eliminate the need for ongoing treatment, coping and managing strategies, or drug protocols. Trauma Specific Care treats trauma directly and effectively, restoring the client's ability to function and enjoy life free of intrusive symptoms or progressive, debilitating disease processes stemming from the trauma.

You may take either the two day, Trauma Informed Care Workshop, or all seven days of Trauma Specific Care. The full seven days begins the certification process in the evidence based intervention, Traumatic Incident Reduction. While not within the scope of massage, TIR does not require a license and in conjunction with holistic treatments such as massage, acupuncture and breath work, constitutes a full spectrum approach to working with traumatized individuals and freeing them from their ongoing symptoms.

Trauma Informed Massage Therapy

(2 days,3 nights

14 hours)

Also Satisfies ethics Requirement LMTs

Understanding Trauma - 3 hours


Communication A-3 hours –First 3 exercises


The Biochemistry of Trauma- 1 hour


Role of breath work, massage and alternative practices in working with trauma- 4 hours

Ethical obligation of self care – 3 hours 

TBA, 2019

Living Forest Retreat Center

Arrive by 6:30 PM Friday!



Michael Brechtel


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What Students Say About Our Classes:


allowed me to physically let go of all shame and energies that served no good 

spiritual growth and a deeper connection


Excellent course and instructor

professional and clear regarding boundaries and ethical concerns

gained deeper clarity about my own massage therapy work even after 20 years


felt, witnessed and heard

I feel like a new person


Thank you so very much

I am transformed

The darkness has lifted


amazing and transformational, exceeding my expectations

 the best, most well organized and professionally presented 18 hours of training I've attended in the decade I've been practicing

a lovely. intimate, sacred, and nurturing time-away-from-time


three consecutive days in such absence of judgment

a bottomless reservoir of honesty, support and loving feelings

a born teacher


best, most transformative, enlightening experience of them all.

extend it by another day or two- or even three. A Retreat!

Practical Considerations and Application in Massage - 12 hours


Communication B-4 hours –Final 4 exercises and rules of facilitation


Traumatic Incident Reduction – 12 hours

Steps and Planning​

  1. Book flights: Arrive in SJO by morning the day before the workshop, Depart SJO after 1:00 pm the day after the workshop. Download ​​Transportation PDF (with ground transport options)

  2. Register: Pay workshop registration $1,495  $1,545 for the week, or $695 for the first two days.

  3. Read assigned and/or recommended readings before the workshop (PDF sent by e-mail upon registration.

Trauma Specific Massage Therapy(Both) (May 25-June 1)

$ 1,495 OR $1,545

Trauma Informed Massage Therapy(only)(May 25-27)  $695

Lodging and Meals at Living Forest:

Package 7 night Accommodation and Meals at Living Forest Retreat Center: 

- Living Forest Lodge (4 person max per room)

- River View Casita (2 person max per room)

Arrival Dinner Friday Before workshop at 6.30pm

Departure the following Saturdayafter breakfast. 


You also get to explore local restaurants, we will go out for dinner three times during the retreat, these are not included in the package. (Meals are usually around US$ 15)

Transportation From Airports:

San Jose or Liberia

Bus, Shuttle, Rental Car, Taxi

(Recommend Coordinating with Other Students) Download PDF Click Here

Continuing Education Credits

Florida Board of Massage(LMT) # 50-15947

Florida Board of Clinical Social Work(LCSW), Marriage and Family Therapists(LMFT), Mental Health Counseling(LMFC) # 50-2119

Trauma Specific Care

7 Days (42 hours) Covers...

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