WHAT Clients say about Shamanic Bodywork

"I wish my father hold me the way you hold me."

-Carolina, LMT upon receiving Aquatic Lomi Lomi


“My first session with Michael was a life changing experience for me. Seconds after his hands touched my skin, tears began flowing from my eyes. I was hugely surprised. It wasn’t sadness, or pain, or despair. It was a new feeling of discovery, discovery of myself. It was a sensation of not only the physical pleasure of getting a healing massage, but of tremendous expansion. His touch was opening me. I was connecting with deep parts of myself. And I felt 100% safe in my vulnerability. I felt protected, nourished, nurtured, loved, and deeply cared for. In his gentle way he set me free. I left the session feeling empowered, whole and very satisfied. “

-Marisol, LMT


"I think I did a form of trauma work on your table. The trauma was not receiving enough love and acceptance from my parents as a child or young girl. Or I could say the trauma was all the punishments I received and the unconscious hurtful things said that made me feel ugly ashamed and inadequate, not worthy.

What I felt in the experience with you was a powerful unconditional love that just kept standing there holding me. After some time, a kind of dream came over me as if my father were telling me how beautiful I am and dancing with me telling me I am the daughter he always wanted. That he wouldn't change a thing about me, I'm just beautiful inside and out. He's so proud of me, I'm a gem. He was holding me and adoring me. And on and on it went until I just burst out in tears and had this big release.  (I never got this said to me or conveyed in any way as a child). I really felt such love pouring into me that my heart cracked open. Then as if you knew what I was dreaming, you whispered those words I needed to hear, out loud and it just internally scripted in the dream and manifest through you. I am worthy of love, I am beautiful."

-Jill, describing her experience in an undraped Lomi Lomi session

 “Being a recent graduate of Educating Hands School of Massage, I have had the pleasure of receiving all types of bodywork this past year. Lomi Lomi with Michael brings massage to the next level of healing. The trust, compassion and unconditional love I felt was overwhelming at times. The freedom Michael and bring to massage is a welcoming addition to my life. Michael's intuition and understanding was shown throughout our session, and I left feeling like I was floating in the ocean. An experience like no other, I am blessed to be able to work side by side with such an amazing therapist. If you are ready for a transformation and a wonderful Sacred Massage, with Michael will fit into your life perfectly.”

-Renee, Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor


"Our session brought me back within myself, to the age of 7 years old. I felt fresh, new and unharmed."

- LMT and Victim of severe accident resulting in years of reconstructive surgery


"The experience of the Aquatic Lomi Lomi, took me to a place no bodywork has taken me before. Michael creates the safe place to visit with one's soul. I felt divine being guided this way and that, embraced by the water. Real time stood still. After an hour an half in the water, I came back to the world with fresh eyes, and an open heart."

-Nicole, LMT

"Lomilomi with Michael was an experience unlike any other. Michael has a very respectful, professional presence, but in the same time manages to be receptive and open, almost vulnerable (thus relatable). His work is a dance of receptivity and assertiveness/strength. Through his well-wishing attitude, he creates a safe and sacred space where guards can go down and the healing can happen. By healing I mean releasing multidimensional holding patterns, communication with inner self, surrendering little ego to something greater... besides more obvious symptoms like deep relaxation, increased circulation and feeling of bliss. All the rocking, wavelike, rhythmic yet unpredictable movements (like pattern of ocean waves) have quite a transforming effect."

-Barbara, LMT

"Lomi lomi with Michael is not just another massage, lomi lomi is outpouring love, through the heart, breath, hands, arms, thought and immense aloha feeling. When I entered Heavenly Michael's temple of lomilomi, I guess I dropped some stress outside the door and once the door closed, some more... The session started and  he asked me to breath - not an easy task for me at that time, I felt short of breath and weak.  The opening ceremony invoking the Halau for guidance, connecting the hearts to all that is and letting aloha flow into the space, as well as the warm, soothing oil on the body to heal...

Then the massage started and above and beyond the deliciousness of the soft yet powerful touch, Michael's presence and intuition were enchanting... Without any classic musculoskeletal approach to the massage, my vibration was following his aloha, I could feel energy running through my body from head to toes, at times signaling blockages, at times releasing them.. When he was done with me I told him I realized what "vertical time" meant cause I had experienced it right there in the room and I could feel my body breathing, all the way to the tips of my lungs... I left after a short "recovery" time allowing myself to just be and life to just happen. Please let me know when you're in town again, you're a profound lomilomi healer and teacher, mahalo nui loa."

-Hope, LMT and Colleague 


“My experience overall is one of feeling cherished and honored. I feel doted on almost, especially when my head is cradled in the crook of your elbow. I feel very safe and spoiled... pampered.

It does require for me a breakthrough in trust. I surrender my self-protection and to receiving at the same time. I experience a greater sense of safety in the context of sacred space that's created with the meditation/blessing and anointing.

I float in bliss and indulgence, safe and secure, cherished and cradled. I think the only thing better is probably breastfeeding as a child!”

-Jess on receiving undraped Temple Lomi Lomi


"I always choose to have bodywork sessions with Michael because I trust his cultivated, loving, innate medicine. Being very sensitive myself to other's energy, I find I can naturally let go, trust and surrender when I'm in his care. Each session I receive excellent therapeutic and spiritual healing work, and each session is different on all levels. He creates and holds divine sacred space filled with love, intention and humble stewardship. Those ingredients together create what I need in the moment. I always have a blissful, magical experience. That's what I LOVE! We are blessed to have such a strong, wise, beautiful soul as Michael devoting his life to the healing arts.

Thank you Michael! I love you!"

-Jackie, former coworker and fellow LMT


“This was the primary reason I decided to study massage therapy. I was looking for meaning, connections and intimacy and have always believed that touch can be transformational. For the most part, massage just feels good. But sometimes, it has brought up feelings in me that I can't even express, or don't want to. I'm always amazed and a little shocked when that happens. Like so many others, I want to feel connected but am uncomfortable with intimacy and vulnerability.

I had this experience during the Lomi Lomi introduction at Educating Hands. While receiving a Lomi massage, a new pair of hands touched my heart and sent shock waves throughout my body. I didn't know it at the time, but they were your hands. I felt extreme emotion, became afraid and suppressed it. I was surprised by the power of all of that, surprised by my fear and determination to suppress any uncomfortable feelings. I have grown since then, I see the silliness of my ego and am more aware of living an authentic life. It's a work in progress and I welcome it.”

-Chrisanthi, Former Student, LMT, with whom I frequently traded work

"As a believer and recipient of massage for over 10 years, including therapeutic deep tissue work, and also as a graduate of Educating Hands, I appreciate the opportunity to practice and to receive Lomilomi massage with Michael. As a teacher, he is very inspiring and creative. As a professional massage therapist, he is very talented, intuitive and spiritual. Michael has the wonderful shamanic gift of healing, which originates from a higher power and is conveyed through his touch to his recipient."

-Mona, LMT and Esthetician


“An amazing gathering of people and an amazing teacher. The experience enabled me to grow mentally and allowed me to physically let go of all shame and energies that served no good to myself or others attending. There was also a spiritual growth and a deeper connection to other inhabitants of earth from my end was gained. There will definitely be a following gained by those opened to Michael’s beautiful energy.”

-Andre, Student and LMT

 “Excellent course and instructor. Michael is very professional and clear regarding boundaries and ethical concerns, which is very important with this style of massage. The facility is fabulous, private, quiet, with everything available that could be required by course participants. I gained deeper clarity about my own massage therapy work even after 20 years as a practitioner. Michael has the ability to integrate and articulate theory from broad sources weave it together with the practical aspects of instruction. I highly recommend this instructor’s work.”

- LMT and experienced massage instructor


“Michael, the spirit of LomiLomi lives within your whole being. It’s felt, witnessed and heard. It’s an honor to have you as a teacher. The location is very nice and comfortable, all the equipment is perfect. The slide show on the TV was organized and informative. This was an excellent experience for my whole being. I feel like a new person after this whole experience. Lots of limitations shed and a whole new way of being filled in.” 

-Student Evaluation Comment


"Thank you so very much. I am transformed, by which I mean I simply feel I have been restored to myself. The darkness has lifted. The workshop was powerful, whole and expressed so well what I know to be the truth but had not yet fully articulated. You do a remarkable job of weaving all the pieces together and of holding us all with love and gentleness. I can't wait to work with you again!" 

-Jennifer, LMT

"This was a workshop about so many aspects of our humanity....It was a multidimensional approach to our profession. I have gained clarity and courage. Sometimes others come to our lives as catalysts, and as messengers or reminders for what still remains blurry to us. I am very grateful for that to you specially and also to (each of my classmates). 

-Pelican, LMT

"The workshop was amazing and transformational, exceeding my expectations ~ which were fairly high to begin with.  It was without a doubt the best, most well organized and professionally presented 18 hours of training I've attended in the decade I've been practicing.  (And I've attended some great workshops over the years.) Three days for the physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually challenging and enlightening work were really not enough time (my only caveat).  This work ~ and the quality that you, as facilitator, bring to it (including the remarkably well thought out and written 111-page accompanying text) ~ could easily have gone on for another day or two.  Our hands-on time  will elevate my practice!  I've returned home eager to add our flowing dance strokes and stretching work to my own intuitive fusion work.  The weekend became a lovely. intimate, sacred, and nurturing time-away-from-time, as our small group of six sweet, courageous souls traded and learned, and traded and learned some more.  I am awed by the vulnerability and courage of our little band of healers." 

-Peter, LMT


"I don't think I've ever spent three consecutive days in such absence of judgment -- in a bottomless reservoir of honesty, support and loving feelings. Wow. It will take me a while, or forever, to metabolize it all.

What really worked for me was the balance between the hands-on work and the book work. The written part was so well-done, well-developed and thought-out, and supported by evidence-based research in an amazing variety of ways. I appreciate that even as I accept that some things are magically beyond measure and explanation. But I think all those elements come together in your course to create the strongest and most helpful experience. You're a born teacher." 

-Patty, LMT and Professional Journalist

 “Excellent course and instructor. Michael is very professional and clear regarding boundaries and ethical concerns, which is very important with this style of massage. The facility is fabulous, private, quiet, with everything available that could be required by course participants. I gained deeper clarity about my own massage therapy work even after 20 years as a practitioner. Michael has the ability to integrate and articulate theory from broad sources weave it together with the practical aspects of instruction. I highly recommend this instructor’s work.”

- LMT and experienced massage instructor


"In all the years I've been practicing and taking trainings and workshops(and I've taken many) This was the best, most transformative, enlightening experience of them all. My only serious suggestion would be to extend it by another day or two- or even three. A Retreat! Michael you are such a powerful, intuitive, compassionate healer. Thank you for creating and holding this sacred space." 

-Student Course Evaluation Comment

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