Your Healing Retreat

Your stay near beautiful Lake Arenal Costa Rica includes the most effective treatments for resolving the impact of traumatic memory, healing alternative practices to support that work, delicious organic food, locally grown and sourced and a variety of optional activities to explore some of the many delights the area has to offer.

Traumatic Incident Reduction

A powerful and proven approach for quickly integrating unprocessed traumatic memory, thus providing insight and understanding about the effects of the incident on your life, relieving the unwanted intrusive thoughts and triggered feelings associated with the event, and relieving the symptoms of PTSD, Depression and Anxiety so often occurring in the aftermath of trauma. For more information, follow the link to read more about TIR.

Massage and Shamanic Bodywork

We offer both relaxation massage and trauma specific shamanic sessions to support your healing and transformation. Many traumatic experiences leave one with a distorted body image, a sense of 'disembodiment.' or a disconnect between various parts of the body, or blocks in the flow of energy through the body. Often fear or aversion to touch can result from trauma. Many times and for many reasons, simply a lack of loving and nurturing touch can impact our well being and our ability to engage in relationships. Becoming vulnerable, in a space of the greatest safety, is tremendously healing and empowering.

Breath Work

Breath techniques are powerful ways to quickly change the body's physiology, relieving stress, calming the mind and body and clearing the biochemistry of stress and anxiety. Shamanic breathing techniques can help to release state dependent memory, unprocessed or unexpressed emotions, and help the body recover from maladaptive responses it may have habituated to avoid intrusive thoughts and feelings.


The use of crystal singing bowls can enhance the experience of a deeply relaxing meditation. We frequently offer this paired with transformational breath. We will offer assistance in developing and implementing your own daily meditation practices in ways you can sustain and support as a part of your life and lifestyle.

Self Care Consciousness

In your time with us, we will educate and help you explore the kinds of activities that will add balance, optimize your health and effectiveness, as well as prolonging your life!

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Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, Central America

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